Eurostar Halter Pure


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The straps and the crown strap of this headcollar are made from 100% polypropylene. The noseband and the cheek pieces are underlain with soft neoprene, to prevent pressure points. The crown strap is also padded. The length of the crown strap can be adjusted with a thorn buckle. The stable buckles and fittings are anodized and therefore provide particular protection against corrosion. Quick and easy handling is guaranteed by means of a snap hook on the throat latch. On the left cheek piece is a “euro-star” logo flag, while the elaborately designed front fittings are engraved with the “euro-star” lettering. The Pure headcollar is available in different colors.

  • Color: Black, Brown, Titanium, Army Green, Lychee, Navy
  • Size: Pony, Cob, Full